Our Location:
Convenient, Metrorail & Bus Accessible, Street Parking
1802 11th St. NW 1B
Washington, DC 20001
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How to contact us and keep up with the latest news, specials & events
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Phone: (202) 810-LIFT  (202-810-5438)

Our Facility: 
A Welcoming Environment with a Pulse

Train on your own private lifting station, unimpeded and distraction free, complete with:

Competition Quality Weightlifting Barbells  *  Competition Quality Bumper Plates  *  Dumbbells

Resistance Bands  *  Foam Rollers  *  Pull-Up Bars  *  Select Cardio Equipment​ * Kettlebells

& much, much more...

Enjoy our amenities that include:​

Coffee  *  High Quality Wifi Music  *  Filtered Water  *  Locker Area

It's your private space, and your tailored workout.
Our Atmosphere: 
Focused, Motivating, and Fully Customized
The Dedicated Strength atmosphere is a unique blend of a serious, results oriented training facility without sacrificing the fun, nonjudgemental vibe that keeps people coming back.  We are a place for everyone and we take great pride in bringing out the best in a wide range of individuals of different fitness levels and goals.  If you set foot in our house, we will help you be better for it!  
Not only do you get the undivided attention, motivation, and expertise of a professional fitness coach, you get your own private training space with top of the line equipment that maximizes efficiency and the collaboration necessary for us to succeed as a team.  Truly train without distraction.
Our music selection is all hand-selected tracks by the Dedicated Strength community to inspire the work ethic and energy that makes our house thrive.  From pop to rock, to hip-hop to electronic, our large integrated playlist is a diverse mix from all time periods and genres used to spark our motivating atmosphere.  We update our playlist frequently and we have an open suggestion music box that allows individuals to suggest their own personal power songs for us to add!  We truly have something for everyone and we greatly appreciate all of our clients leaving their own personal touches. 
Our decor is filled with motivation, quotes, achievements, as well as many personal items that further customize our house's feel.  Inspired by collegiate/professional sports training facilities, Dedicated Strength is an intimate, personal training facility with a down to Earth vibe.  We're a focused brand for all people and we sell neither hype nor gimmicks.  For us, it means a lot to show realistic interpretations of what healthy, fit individuals look like to represent our brand, contrary to standard, strictly dieted, air-bushed fitness models (not that anything is wrong with that, it's just not our thing).  Fitness is for everyone.  We value and realize that the Dedicated Strength community is what makes our brand special and we go the extra mile to show our gratitude.
Finally, our in-house programming features healthy incentives, games, giveaways, and programs that add a little extra motivation and are fun additions to the daily grind of hard work.  We always have something fresh going on to keep you going strong for the long haul!
Our Staff: 
The Professional Fitness Coaches
For more detailed information on our staff, including bios and testimonials, visit our Staff & Testimonials page!

Dedicated Strength takes pride in its team of professional fitness coaches.  Our coaches have diverse backgrounds, specialities, and are always degreed in the field and certified through nationally accredited organizations.  Our staff also takes part in annual continuing education courses and seminars and never stop learning.  The coaches lift together, volunteer together, and aspire to be leaders every day. 

No matter who you are, or what you're training for;
Join us at Dedicated Strength and begin your journey.


Does Dedicated Strength require a membership?
No.  Dedicated Strength is a service based facility that operates on an appointment based schedule.
What are Dedicated Strength's hours?
Dedicated Strength does not have set hours of operation.  All appointments are made based upon coaches' availabilities.  We will find a time that fits your schedule!
What types of workouts does Dedicated Strength do?
For the most part, Dedicated Strength is a specialty studio that focuses on individualized dedicated strength training programs based upon individual goals, abilities, and needs, however we do so much more.  Dedicated Strength's esteemed staff is credentialed, knowledgeable, and experienced in all ends of the spectrum of health and fitness, so the workouts that one partakes in are dependant on what that person needs to succeed.  Someone's individualized program may involve indoor cycling, Pilates, or plyometrics, among other things to help that individual succeed.  We craft our programs to the person.  This allows us to fully specilize in helping individuals opposed to specializing in one training style, all while keeping the focus on a dedicated strength training program.  
What if I cannot book an appointment with the coach that sounds right for me?
There are a few options here.  All of the Dedicated Strength coaches offer waitlists, served on a first come, first serve basis if they are not taking new clients at that point in time.  You can join the waitlist and wait for a contact, or we can get you started with another coach with a current opening.  You can then choose if you transition away from that coach once your initial desired coach has an opening, or you can continue to work with the coach you have been working with (this is usually the case).  No matter who you work with at Dedicated Strength, we're quite confident you'll love the service you receive.
Can I bring my trainer to Dedicated Strength to train me?
Dedicated Strength provides its own coaches and outside trainers cannot use the space without being on the team.  If you feel Dedicated Strength is a good fit for you and your trainer, email Joe at joe@dedicatedstrengthdc.com and he can schedule an interview if there are any openings.
I'm a trainer looking for a place to train clients, how can I get started at Dedicated Strength?
Contact Joe at joe@dedicatedstrengthdc.com and attach your resume.  Dedicated Strength is always looking for the right coaches to join our squad!
Can I train at Dedicated Strength without direct coaching?
Yes!  With Dedicated Strength's Custom Programming Service, you get all the benefits of training in the strongest studio in the neighborhood, which include expert customized programming and your own private training space to train without distraction.  This service is a game changer for those who cannot do One-on-One Training, but do not want to take streamlined group fitness classes or freelance at the gym.  For more info, check out our services page.
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1802 11th St. NW 1B Washington, DC 20001  phone: (202) 810-LIFT