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Custom Programming Service

In-House Custom Programming Rate:

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Dedicated Strength's In-House Custom Programming Service can be combined with either weekly Personal Training or Small Group Training sessions, bridging the gap between personal training and going to an open gym.  For a low cost, you can train at DS and experience our fully individualized programming and your own, private training space.  Think of it as personal training, without the trainer directly overseeing your session during that time.  We program the workout and provide the space, and you complete the workout independently.  Our coaches will be available for any questions, we just won't provide direct coaching during that time as that will take place during the weekly coaching sessions, keeping programming sessions independent.  Our custom programming is based on your goals & needs, and aimed at you progressing over time.  We encourage more experienced lifters to take part in these sessions and beginners should definitely partake in direct coaching sessions only prior to adding programming as an option.

Our Programming service works great for supplementing Personal Training and Small Group Training work and is also great for experienced competitive powerlifters and weightlifters!

Programming can only be purchased in addition to at least 1 coaching session type per week (Personal Training or Small Group Coaching) and is the perfect supplement for getting extra training days in independently.

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