Your Personal Training workouts are designed for you, based on you, to get the results you want.  Your coach is professional, experienced, and motivating. Work towards your goal with a dedicated coach who customizes and oversees your programming. Our coaches track workouts to ensure progress, use analytics to improve training programs, have flexible schedules, prescribe homework, and are dedicated to your success. 

One-on-One Training Package Offerings:
Single Session (1) $100  :   Package of 10 Sessions $90/session 
 Package of 20 Sessions $80/session   :   Package of 50 Sessions $75/session
*no gym fee, simply pay to train!*

60 minute sessions

Personal Training offers the best quality of coaching, programming, and accountability.  Our Personal Training packages can be combined with any of our other services that allow the right fit for you and your budget.  Our coaches will make sure you progress and succeed.

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Group Training is very popular now and it is easy to see why.  You don't need to sign up for a gym membership that includes fees for things you don't use and you get an instructor to guide you through a workout while being motivated by those around you.  At Dedicated Strength, we take you into account greatly and your program is your program.  Our experienced coaches assess you, take your personal attributes and goals into account, and individually program your group workout just for you.  

Group Training Package Offerings:
Group Training (2-4 person groups) $55/person per session

60 minute sessions

Enjoy Group Training as frequently as you'd like. Typically training 2-3 days per week is recommended because remember, your body adapts by recovering from training, not how often you train.  No one can train hard everyday and continue to make progress (and no, being super sore every single time you exercise does not mean your training is effective).  As our Group Training is an applied framework that adapts with you, we do recommend a consistent training schedule.  We'll make appointments that match your schedule to ensure your adherence.  Experience the difference between Dedicated Strength's Group Training and traditional group classes!

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A health coach is a professional mentor who tailors, oversees, and offers the highest level of support to those looking to improve their overall health, fitness, and nutritional habits.  Our certified health coach and fitness nutrition specialist provides one on one meetings to develop plans and work directly with clients regarding sport and fitness nutritional guidance, to address and combat barriers that may be hindering one's progress.  This service can be used to assist with weight loss goals, reduce stress, create a healthier work life balance, or train for your next race or competition. 

Health Coaching/Sports & Fitness Nutrition
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Our Barbell Clubs.  Dedicated Strength offers a Powerlifting Club (Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift) and Olympic Weightlifting Club (Snatch, Clean & Jerk) that allows lifters of all levels to lift together in their respective sports for an energy like no other.  Whether you're a seasoned competitor, or someone interested in adopting competitive lifting for the first time, the Dedicated Strength coaches will help you achieve your peak performance.  Our Lifting Clubs support "drop ins" and our coaches will have sport specific, expert programming designed for you to enjoy!  All clubs are programmed and led by USA Powerlifting Club Coaches, and USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coaches.  Strength Sports are among the most fun and challenging ways to keep up with your fitness goals and our Club environment is a great way to make friends.  All are welcome and start competing today!

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Dedicated Strength's Custom Programming Service bridges the gap between personal training and going to the gym.  For a low cost, you can experience the professionally crafted individualized programming by a professional fitness coach that is designed for you, based upon your needs, and aimed at you progressing over time.  Our coaches will discuss your goals, evaluate your biomechanics and needs, and design your program.  We will always take into account your level of experience as well as any special needs/considerations when designing your programming.  From there, you'll schedule an appointment, come to DS, and your programming will be waiting for you to complete in your own private training area, distraction free!  You'll complete your program in your 60 minute time block and get on with the rest of your day.  It's that simple!  The unique focused environment of Dedicated Strength allows you to focus on you (while getting away from everything else going on in your busy life).  You're unique.  It's time to begin training like it.

Custom Programming Service Offerings:
(We highly encourage completing a One-on-One Training package prior to adopting this service, or a combination of both)
*An amazing value for a private space to workout that includes expert customized programming

60 minute sessions

Our customized programs are designed by experienced fitness professionals with advanced degrees in the field, and nationally accredited certifications.

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