The Dedicated Strength Professional Fitness Coaches

Dedicated Strength's Mission Statement:

     "We strive to offer individuals the best possible health and fitness services with a staff that is always professional, degreed in the health and wellness field, and nationally certified.  We embrace diversity, give back to our community, and will always be receptive to feedback.  We will forever put quality over quantity and will never submit to fitness fads that take away from our dedicated body of work."

-The Dedicated Strength Team        

At Dedicated Strength we believe the heart and soul of our brand are our people.  This includes our amazing clients and our dedicated coaches, as well as the countless people we inspire along the way.  We take coaching seriously and we go the extra mile to help each and every client we are blessed with the opportunity to work with.  We are a new breed of coaches that have wide ranges of experience and we morph ourselves and how we train to each individual client, opposed to having clients mold themselves to a specific "training style."  This individualized approach is one of the primary differences between our brand and others.  We also require our coaches to have a degree relevant to the health and wellness field as well as a minimum of one nationally recognized certification through an accredited organization.  The majority of our coaches have multiple degrees and certifications.  The caliber of coaches that other gyms name "master trainers" are our baseline.  We see the great value of both education and certification and we want all who is interested in Dedicated Strength to know that our coaches stand for quality.   With diverse experiences in everything from personal training, corporate wellness management, NCAA strength & conditioning, to Federal Law Enforcement & military training, Dedicated Strength has you covered.  And yes, we are great with those who have never touched a weight before as well.  

2020 Dedicated Strength, LLC:  Professional Fitness Coaching 
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