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A Strength & Conditioning Studio for ALL People

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The foundations of a fit, healthy body revolve around a dedicated strength training program.  Lifting weights at the right intensity will give cardio benefits.  Lifting weights through full ranges of motion will improve flexibility.  Lifting weights to develop strength will strengthen muscles, bones, and our joints to create the framework for long-term, pain-free living.  Think of it as constructing your armor for life.  


Our workouts are never generic, always progressive, and fun yet challenging.  We believe in coaching good form to create solid fundamental movements that will allow safe progression over time.  We will program movements that are right for your level and your goal and we'll encourage you the entire way.


Whether you are a competitive lifter, an athlete, or someone just getting started, Dedicated Strength's expert coaching and programming will help you achieve your goals.  Our clientele ranges from ages 10-86 and we work with all types of fitness levels, special health conditions, and goals.

It's the combination of education, experience, and welcoming personalities that sets us apart.

Imagine the strongest you've ever felt at any age, weight, no matter your situation.

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