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Goals Galore: Setting SMART Goals in 2019 to Propel You to the Next Level

During the holiday season we often take time to reflect on the months that have passed. It’s a time to look back on what we have accomplished during the year and decide what areas need improvement. If you are reading this blog than you are probably connected with Dedicated Strength in some way. We are excited to have you on our team and are glad that you are committed to leading a healthy lifestyle. If you are meeting the goals you have set, we applaud you! If you need extra guidance to get to the next level, we are here to help.

Research show that one factor that leads to successful behavior change is accountability. Informing others of your goals and having others involved in your decisions increases the likelihood of success. Dedicated Strength is excited to announce that its Food for Thought program is returning. This program focuses on creating SMART goals related to fitness and nutrition that will propel you towards goal achievement. For five weeks, you will learn about the connection between exercise, food and your fitness goals. Not only will you receive five nutrition workshops, but you will also receive a 1-on-1 consultation with Angela, our health coach. After this session, a basic meal plan will be designed for you with your goals in mind. Following a cookie cutter diet does not work for most us, but a plan tailored to your lifestyle and goals is necessary to increase adherence.

Why would the program focus on SMART goals? SMART goals provide structure and guidelines for goals we set. We want to make sure that our intentions are: S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Attainable, R-Relevant, and T-Time bound. Let’s look at each of these specifically.

Specific: Your goals should be clear and concise. If your goal to lose 5% body fat in 2019, focus on what you will do to meet this goal. Will you add 1 or 2 more days of physical activity that includes strength training to your week? Will you eat food prepared at home most days of the week to have more control of the foods that you consume?

Measurable: How will you track your progress and know when the goal is reached. If your goal is to finish a 10K in 2019, running across the finish line and receiving your medal will mark your success. Setting a goal to simply run a longer distance without setting a specific measurement does not encourage goal attainment, but visualizing yourself running across that finish line after months of training can.

Attainable: Make sure your goal is realistic. Choosing a goal to lose 10 pounds in one month is not realistic. Losing 1 to 2 pounds per week (compared to 3 to 4) is a more natural approach to weight loss that is more sustainable over time.

Relevant: Set goals that are important to you and work with your current situation. Ask yourself why this goal is necessary and how it will improve your quality of life. It’s great that your colleague completed a triathlon, but if you do not have the time in your schedule (or the desire in your soul) to reach this goal, choose something that fits better into your schedule that you are more passionate about.

Time-Bound: Create a deadline. If you goal is to increase the amount of weight you can deadlift, come up with an estimated timeframe for reaching this goal. For example, create a goal to increase your 1-RM (1 rep max) by 20 pounds in 4 months. Of course, a lot of factors will play a role in reaching this goal—your nutrition, how many days you lift, and your genetics but having a timeline in mind is beneficial in reaching set goals.

Forget about setting resolutions without clearly defining what you want to do. For only $250, you can get the accountability you need to seal the deal on your goals. With workshops, access to a certified health coach and an individualized meal plan, you’ll have the tools that will make a difference in your success. All Food for Thought workshops will be held at Dedicated Strength on Wednesday evenings at 7:15 pm from February 6-March 6. Consultations will be scheduled by appointment. Register now through our Eventbrite Registration or in-person, at the studio. For any questions, please send an email to:

In Dedicated Strength,

Angela VanCleve, MS, CHC, CPT

*Angela VanCleve is Dedicated Strength's Health Coach and Nutrition Specialist as well an esteemed Dedicated Strength Coach. She was the recipient of the MACMA award of excellence for her award winning "Biggest Loser" program ran through federal government agencies to encourage healthy weight management strategies. Angela is a competitive powerlifter who brought home a Gold medal finish in the 2018 USA Powerlifting Fall Finale and she has completed multiple half-marathons among other recreational races, as well as practicing Yoga. As a leader by example, Angela continues to promote healthy lifestyles to a wide range of clientele including goals of muscle gain, fat loss, and healthy lifestyle choices.

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